AreteX believes that together with business owners and managers, delivered exceptional customer service, personalised solutions and engaging audience we'll inspire, motivate and attract more people into the active, self-caring and rewarding way of life. 

 - AreteX has dedicated its mission to focus exclusively on any fitness and spa businesses. Including, gyms, clubs, leisure facilities, class and personal training studios, mobile services providers (in-house, training, Spa treatments) apps and everything that is related to active lifestyle and wellbeing services. 


 - AreteX Evaluations are much wider and broader than usual mystery shopping it is a higher level of assessment executed by highly trained and experienced professionals from the fitness and Spa industry who are entirely unbiased, confidential and objective (towards the brand). Our evaluators come to experience and report not to judge or compare with other brands. 


 - Today’s customers interact with your business via an increasing number of contact channels. We are passionate about multichannel service excellence and consistency. AreteX expertise in mapping and measuring the increasingly complex customer journey from enquiry through to sales and service is what really sets us apart from other mystery shopping companies. We are committed to working closely with our clients to build mystery evaluation solutions that are designed to specifically support your businesses goals and objectives. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.


- We take your goals very seriously and we take pride in our unique approach of understanding your needs, and providing a bespoke service, is where we set ourselves apart. The years of experience gained by our consultants, in our respective fields, means AreteX can provide specialist support and work with your business to develop a relationship that will bring tangible benefits.

 - AreteX offers independent and confidential mystery evaluation services which results will never be shared with a 3rd party. 




- You can trust our data. We apply our commitment to great service to our evaluators. Starting with a selection of the best candidates from a multi-stage recruitment process that includes not only literacy, observational and attention to detail tests but a passion for customer service too. Following with assessments of attention to details and specialised rigorous mystery evaluations training in AreteX Academy. 


 - Our established mystery evaluators are regularly reviewed, audited and feedback is provided to ensure the quality of our surveys and work remains first class. This is one of the many reasons our clients have found the feedback we supply helps their service continue to improve.


 - Evaluators objectively measure customer interactions against your Key Performance Indicators using bespoke surveys agreed with you. This information, coupled with the experience of our customer service and sales consultants will give you the opportunity to:

  • Review provided staff training

  • Optimise customer's journey

  • Personalise customer's engagement strategy

  • Make an informed decision based on multichannel reporting



 - Our mystery shopping reports are rich in detail and can be used to tell the story of your business. We gather data which is relevant, measurable and actionable, bringing you a new dimension to your management information packs. 


 - The analytics provided are 100% bespoke to each of our clients, based on your goals and objectives.