Range of Products Description.

Your business and challenges are unique and so are our solutions. Our wealthy range of services can be customised to create just the right program to perfectly suit your needs, understand your customer's experience and provide actionable feedback to help you make critical business decisions.

We offer cost-effective, independent and expert monitoring feedback on your multi-channel customer interactions using multiple sources of data to assess the customer experience and operational excellence for every location that enables you to focus on areas that will increase customer satisfaction, retention and generate additional revenue.​​ These programmes are composed according to the client's needs ensuring that you get exactly the information most valuable to your business. 

Mystery shopping is not intended to catch staff out or determine whether or not they are good at their jobs. However, knowing that they could be mystery shopped does tend to help keep staff on their toes.


Customer Experience Journey Mapping



The hospitality and leisure industry builds loyalty by selling the unique features and benefits of the service and facilities they offer. To make a lasting impression requires customer service that consistently exceeds expectations and delights customers time after time. 

To provide vital data on every customer touchpoint we are defining a tailor-made methodology combining visits, calls and clicks. Mystery evaluator is a customer who undertakes a series of agreed tasks (scenarios) to monitor the quality of service they receive. They then report back in detail the good and bad points of their experiences of the whole journey. E.g. Does the journey reflect/match brand promise? Does the journey fulfil the customer's expectations?

Evaluators record their experience at various touchpoints (moments of truth) throughout the customer journey. Photos and videos can also be collected to visually record an evaluator’s experience interacting with your brand. VoxPop is available as well.

Improve repeat business and recover customers at risk. Consumers have many choices across service providers, and capturing and retaining their wallet share depends on delivering great experiences.


Quality Assurance


Intense Training

(QA) is a business process that ensures products and services meet an internally agreed standard. Having an expert team monitoring and providing feedback on the experience your customers are receiving is essential. Understanding how your frontline teams are performing when delivering PT, Classes and other add-on services help your business achieve its goals and objectives.

Brands earn great reputations when every location consistently executes against the brand standards. Measure your ability to represent your brand to your customers. To do that, they invest in training and coaching and create compliance standards and guidelines. The expectation? Regulatory compliance, operational excellence, sales teams equipped to maximize revenue, delighted customers, and a brand that has great value for its employees, franchisees, and shareholders.

Mystery evaluations help you monitor your services by testing whether or not our staff member actually deliver what they are trained to do what you say in your policies, procedures and service standards. We answer questions such as: Is our team trained and ready? Are they engaged in your brand and mission? Do they execute your brand standards? Are the staff members ambassadors of your brand?

We design our questionnaires to align with your brand standards. What gets measured, gets done. If you’ve invested in training, there’s no better way to measure whether training had an impact than by using Mystery Evaluation and Quality Assurance Service.


Competitor Customer Experience

We provide mystery evaluation services across all of your competitors to benchmark against your own specifically selected criteria. Taking your KPI’s and measuring your performance against these and the performance of your competitors provides an excellent opportunity to understand where your business sits in the competitive marketplace.


Using this information you are able to support your key improvement areas and identify where your customer service proposition can be developed. We provide assessments from the brand-neutral perspective ensuring traditional bias in other competitor's programmes is removed in favour of real customer perspective.


Your customers/prospects benchmark you against the best practices on the market based on the comparison to the others. Do this before they do and stay ahead of their switching decision. Perception of your own performance can deteriorate as those around you continue to improve and innovate (following the latest trends).


Gym Equipment

Facility Audits

The goal is not losing the revenue because of the inconsistency in the delivery of the facility standards or neglected facilities management. More than 70% of customers leave the brand and don't return due to the unsatisfactory cleanliness. The customers shouldn’t be forced to complain. Some don’t bother to complain, they take their feet off and never return again. The negative experience will then be shared with others in future.

Keep your facilities safe and up to standard so you can provide effective and trustworthy services. Repeated experience is achieved with the consistency of operational and facilities standards.


Periodical Audits can cover:

  • Facilities inspections - check the functionality of the equipment PPM (Preventative Planned Maintenance)

  • H&S

  • Standards: cleanliness, the efficiency of operational checks (e.g execution of routined checks)



Fitness & Spa Virtual Tours 

Google trusted.jpg

This is your opportunity to open your doors digitally, stand out and be unique. Allow the world to immerse themselves in your 3D customer journey, experiencing what you have created as if there in person. As customers enjoy your online experience, inspire them to take action with strategically placed menus, package details, contact forms and direct booking links that sit INSIDE your 3D tour = Mattertags – providing hot leads and help your staff achieve sales targets. 

Virtual Tour can effortlessly and affordably showcase your facilities and increase sales. Your sales department will love it. ‘It is a numbers game’. More people you interest, more revenue will flow to you. We focus on virtual tours dedicated to facilities from a customer's perspective.

A, Our Fitness experience and the background will deliver the unique approach by creating the tour with the best understanding of the prospects just like being 1 of them.


B, Our expertise in hospitality over the years has developed our knowledge and deep understating of technological requirements for the high-quality customer journey. 


C, We will bring your business to life by FREE connection of your facilities to Street View 

Technology by qualified and certified Google Trusted representative. 


D, The Minimal impact on your operations, completed in a few hours. After that just sit back and relax. your tour can be online just in 1 week. 

“Most hotels use flat imagery to encourage customers to book, but our sites containing hotel virtual tours deliver up to 45% more revenue than those without.” – Best Western Research



The number of people decides whom to choose based on the rating & review


Google listings with Virtual Tour receive as twice as many views. 


2 out of 3 customers say that Virtual Tour helps them to choose.


Websites with Virtual Tour engage & retain visitors 3x longer than flat images.


Virtual Tour generates 95% more enquiries than 2D photos.