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The Gym Group - Body Conditioning Class

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Fantastic class! Everyone who loves the functioning type of training ought to attend. Delivered by an exciting professional, also the introduction to the class's content took place and he checked whether or not we have suffered some injuries or surgeries that he should know about before we start.

Selection of the music was energetic and pushing us throughout the session balancing the workout and rest time. Even though you can just turn up for the class there was enough space for everyone to exercise what I have to give the credit to the instructor's skills how he handled it.

A lot of Tabata and interval combinations with precise explanations kept us going and along with the instructor's demonstrations would help even the beginners to understand what needs to be done. Modifications were suggested where necessary. All sections of the body were engaged as well as the instructor was extremely motivating.

Class's 'aftercare' by the instructor was provided and additional information offered. Capacity was more than 100% what is the sign of perfectly delivered class making people become regulars. Individual approach during the exercise and recognition of the attendees by their first name created a pleasant friendly atmosphere.

Highly recommended

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