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Outstanding Alpine Wellness Hotel with an amazing location to pistes in the Aletcharena, Switzerland

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

There is no better place for enjoying the Swiss Alps scenery than Aletcharena and its the greatest glacier in all Alps. Seeking the peaceful relaxation spot with close distance to the nicest part of Aletcharena Hotel Alpenlblick Wellness Hotel won the competition.

Bus stop just opposite to the hotel, with 3 minutes journey to the closest cable to the highest mountain Eggishorn. Stunning view of the snowed glacier would make it during the summer with mountain hiking even more astonishing. The convenience of buying tickets in the hotel for discounted price covered all the travel expenses to the pistes and no stress experience.

The recommendation comes from a charming Hotel Manager Fabian to arrange the snowboard equipment from The Volken Sports - Intersport near the pistes. Discounted price from the hotel and professional assistance by Christian help a lot :)

First day is always exhausting so we recover in lovely Wellness within the hotel. Steam rooms, sauna and pool with panoramic views leave us with no words. Entertainment starts by the pistes in TIKI bar continuing with delicious traditional Swiss kitchen, flushing the Aperol Spritz and local stories narrated by the lovely staff at the bar allowing us to relax at night.

Following up the hotel great kitchen and the best pizza in Switzerland we twisted our tongues around the bratwursts at Bergfreund. There is no better combination of the view and taste in the mouth, you bet :)

Only joyful, magnificent panoramic views of the Alps and retreat in the hotel if weather stubborn. Lovely staff made us only feel more relaxed from the European metropole.

If you wish to arrange a proper insight into the quality of your Hotel Wellness Facilities and Services Standards contact us here.


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