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Hot Hot Stretchy Saturday

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Amazing. Simply amazing. One of the fanciest gym chains offers hot yoga sessions with no disappointments. Outstanding yoga class with Teresa delivered one of the most wonderful yoga experience of my life.

The session started in a lovely room ready for the session, mats in place, towels prepared for members and smile of the instructor waiting for the class. We had taken the items that we might need cubes, straps and extra towels. I visited the club my friend so we enjoyed the option of having the mats next to each other. Spacious and state-of-the-art-studio made the visit even more special.

Teresa led the session as professional, correcting the positions, demonstrating the positions and along with right instructions, the class went smoothly and perfectly. Sincerely, one of the best instructors out there. The tone of the voice and right music timing corrected our breathing and helped us to relax. Postures were selected for all levels as well as Teresa offered modifications during the session. We drained the very last drop of sweat in the session. My friend, who hasn’t visited any yoga class before was super pleased by the selection.

Third Space proved the highest standard in Group-Ex of what I have never had a doubt.

If you wish to arrange a proper insight into the quality of your GroupX Standards contact us here.


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