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Army Afternoon with BMF

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

One of the most interesting fitness workouts that I have ever attended to. I could choose the location of my tester session from several options across London. Booking was super easy, online PARQ form was sent to my personal email and also MBF offered a free session for one of my friends to join as well.

Location was perfectly accurate (used google maps app), huddle up started on time at the labelled BMF van, instructors were seriously dressed as the army conditioning professionals in the business.

The approachable staff of BMF explained what and how are things going to happen. Based on my experience and favourite workout the instructors have assigned myself the newbies initially to the groups of the similar level. In general, there are with recognition vests.

During the general warm-up they have observed my real fitness level and at the end of the last exercise they split us up to the final groups in which we continued to sweat. The warm-up was designed to split the newbies to the groups depending on how could they cope with the instructions and intensity.

I have to admit, even though I consider myself as a fairly fit person at some points I have had a hard time to catch up with some of the regulars. Bare rest breaks really paid off next day. Running up and down the hill combined with body conditioning exercises brought us down to our knees. However, the nature of the park, fresh air and faces around expressing that they couldn’t catch the breath kept us going. We pushed each other further as in a real battle. Mid-session break saved our lives and water offered came at the right time. Jumping over the trees and push-ups at the level of the smelly grass made a real difference of my exercise world that day.

Finishing at the bottom of exercise my energy reserves we regrouped at the bottom of the park and finalised our session and brought over our highlight vests to instructors. Feedback was appreciated and they didn't push sales at the end but offered to stay in touch. Moreover, they offer a running club and social nights once a week. In spite of the single experience, I was taken in to come back. BMF really delivered what promised.

I must say that I had one of the most interesting experiences after the while.

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