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A Next Generation of Functional Training with F45

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

What a step forward in functional training. Adding the interactive element to a training session has impressed me enormously. The energy of the music coming from the inside was dragging me in and the smile of Cam was even more welcoming. Few details of the checking procedure on the tablet, chit-chat about me and my fitness experience made me feel blending in as I adore functional training.

The gym floor was extremely organised and neat even though the class was still running. The selection of weights and resistance needed for a workout would cover every level. Cam showed me the changing facilities which of I was pleasantly surprised. Showers, toilets and corridors were tidy and clean. The Body Analyser and the motivational board of challenges and notices were there too. I was able to get towels from the reception and ready for the experience.

The class started nicely on time, instructors introduced themselves, sought newbies and stared with an introduction to the workout stations and demonstrating the exercises that we are going to complete. I must say that for me as a first timer it was quite fast-paced but the instructions were very clear and understandable.

Now, we started with a warm-up and I received my wingman as the workout meant to complete with a partner, although, individually executed. I have to admit that the interactive part nowadays is a really handy tool to the instructors as well to the members. And honestly, if the brand doesn’t use the technology, isn’t really keeping up with the trends.

The instructors were supportive, motivating, challenging exactly as you would expect during the session. The fact that it was 2 of them is even better, as sometimes 1 instructor can’t be everywhere. I was, physically exhausted, some parts of my body still hurt the day after. Stretching at the end slowed the tempo to the right level so I could walk out without medical assistance :) Instructors remembered my name and used it through the session and checking every time they could. I must add that the environment really felt like a community as I noticed it many times during my visit.

What an evening with F45.

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