This project unifies wellness and fitness professionals who'd like to support and cooperate with each other. We hope to assemble a global network of wellness experts who will inspire everyone all around the world.  

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Marek Cervenka

Master Trainer & Mentor of MCFitness Community


Anthony Nyika

Solution X Fitness

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What is MCF Community?

It's a project that has been designed to create space for any professional who wants to establish an online presence (webpage, social media links, direct contact, blog etc.), learn how to kick-off a career in wellness & fitness, develop themselves or a self-sustainable business and share their experience with others. And more is to come ...


Are there any hidden fees or charges?

Absolutely not. MCF Community members serve each other. We believe that unity and helping each other make everyone in the community valuable and successful.


Are my data shared with a third party?

We would never pass your details to any third party without your permission. 


How can I leave the MCF Community?

We'll, of course, be sad seeing you leaving but anytime. It is entirely up to you how do want to participate and take advantage of MCF Community benefits.

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