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“A life changing meeting. My 3 boys will be impressed with my new Live life to the full attitude. Thanks Mark; you are a life saver"

Peter/Company Director


Weight Loss based on the Genetic Test


by Nutrilite


Genetic play an important part in understanding nutrient metabolism and such a knowledge is now being applied to help people manage their weight. Bodykey uses scientific methods to analyse your genes in order to find out how your body responds to nutrition and physical activity. 

This along with your lifestyle will determine your Diet and Exercise Plan. Plan that is personalised to you and your needs means you are more likely to stick with it and maintain the weight loss in the long term. 

A simple, Genetic Test is secure and confidential, will help personalise a program just for you. 

What is also included in the package: 

 - Unlimited access to My Bodykey Online Coach where you receive all support that you need. 

 - Supporting products that match your Genetic Test Results

 - Recommended the most suitable Nutrilite products


How does the programme work?

Holistic weight loss solution, based on genetic analysis, we allocate one of the 3 diet profiles of programmes (fat reduce, carb reduce or balance diet profile). 

 1, Order a Bodykey Kit (Genetic Test, Unique Code, Products, Literature)

2, Complete a Genetic Test (simple in 5 minutes. Sample sent back for analysis.

3, Register online and find your personalised Diet and Exercise Plan

4, Online Coach. After 10-15 days your Exercise Plan and Diet are available as the Genetic Test is ready. Recipes and Exercise videos make it fun and easy to follow. 

5, Recommended instant meals help you to control portion sizes and calorie intake by matching them with your genetic results. 

6, Additional supportive supplements that will enhance your results.

7, Success: only you know what reaching your target means to you. It's personal. It's not only about reaching  a number but also about feeling healthier and happier. 


Body Composition Analysis

Make the most of this amazing analysis on the body`s functions and let me educate you on the understating how the nutritional and exercise impact have on the internal system of the body.


The test will provide these imperative measurements:

 - the ratio between Lean Mass and Fat Mass proportions


 -  Basal Metabolic Rate


 - Estimated Average Requirement: based on the lean body weight (amount of energy based on the activity level) needed for your Nutritional Plan. 

 - Waist/Hip ratio: indication of fat distribution around abdominal area. Greater deposits may indicate a greater risk of coronary disease and diabetes mellitus. 

This test together with right exercise plan and positive behavioural changes will help you achieve your desired goals and body you have always wanted.