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FAQ AreteX EvaluAgent


What does a mystery shopper do? 


Shoppers are customers who undertake a series of agreed tasks (scenarios) to monitor the quality of service they receive. They then report back in some detail, telling us the good and bad points of their experiences. 


Who can be a mystery shopper? AreteX requirements 


 - Be willing to ask questions 

 - Be able to read and understand the scenarios you are given 

 - Be able to read and follow the feedback form and fill it in clearly 

 - Be available to attend a one day training event 

 - Be willing to attend other activities in relation to the mystery shopping programme, such as feedback and de-briefing sessions following the completion of a mystery shop exercise


What sort of things will a mystery shopper be testing? 


What can I gain from being a mystery shopper? AreteX Rewards System


AreteX rewards their evaluators for adding their VoxPops to the reviews with extra money


Experience you receive working as a mystery shopper for AreteX can help you to develop skills. This might help your personal and career development and involvement 


 - Building confidence 

 - Developing organisational skills 

 - Improving communication skills 

 - Developing interviewing techniques 

 - Increasing your awareness and understanding of our business 

 - Enabling you to influence service delivery and continuous improvement 

 - Providing you with another way to be involved in our activities

 - Free memberships and services


How long will a mystery shop take? 


For example, when doing a telephone shop, we would normally expect shoppers to spend up to 10 minutes carrying out the test and 20 minutes to complete the feedback questionnaire, totalling approximately 30 minutes for one mystery shop. 




Will staff know that a mystery shopping is taking place? 


All staff may know that we have an ongoing mystery shopping programme, however, they do not know when the mystery shop will be carried out or by whom. This is the whole point of mystery shopping - that staff have to be constantly prepared and give a consistently high standard of service or risk letting the organisation down. 


Will client’s staff be able to identify me? 


It is important that the identity of our mystery shoppers is not known to our staff. There will only be a few people who know your identity, for example those involved in managing the mystery shopping scheme. If you need to contact us, please contact … 


I’m interested so how do I become a mystery shopper? 


If you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper, please complete the application form. We will then write to you if there are any spaces available, and arrange a date for you to attend a training session, which will enable you to get a feel for mystery shopping.


FAQ AreteX


  • All assessments and reports can be tailored. On demand or per visit - one off insight.


 - All assessments result in report


 - All packages/programmes/projects can be tailored depending on the agreement


 - The difference between Arete Insight and Arete Screen is that the insight is one-off. Screen is executed over certain period of times over period of time with certain number of insights?


 - Does the brand express me? I am associated with a brand, I as an individual, the brand that I visit tells something about me too.


 - how do your customers see your brand


 - what do your customer tell about your brand to others?


 - what do your customers tell about the facilities and operations of your brand


 - how do your customers describe experience with you


 - What was the first experience like? 

 - How are you engaging customers before contract renewals are due? How do you identify and encourage lapsed customers to come back?


 - Is SEO effectively driving traffic to your locations?


 - Staff appraisals: Is our team trained and ready? Are they engaged in our brand and mission? Do they execute our brand standards? Are customers coming back for more?