We help any fitness and Spa management increase retention, revenue and customer satisfaction by observing and evaluating the level of customer services, facility standards and overall customer’s experience.  


Greek definition: Arete means excellence of any kind, this notion is bound up with with the notion of fulfilment or purpose or function; the act of living up to one’s potential. Arete of something means the highest quality state it can reach. As a principle, it means that you are focused on the quality of everything that you do and experience. It combines inner excellence and outward greatness. Quality of being the best described as well as maximum ability and potency for action. A men’s effectiveness and skill in goodness. 

As you’ll agree, delivering excellent customer service is becoming an increasingly important factor in the running of any successful business. That’s why we’re here to ensure your staff consistently meet and exceed your customers’ needs. Choose Arete Experience for a cost-effective way of ensuring your business has a competitive edge, while also ensuring your customers return again and again. Scoring can be calculated to your own specification, whilst shopper comments can range from bullets highlighting the most important and interesting aspects of their visits, to a full narrative of their journey.


Enhancing the experience at each stage of the customer journey is vital to not only maximising the potential for engagement and revenue during the interaction but also to reduce churn and increase the chance of repeat custom. Having your Quality KPI’s assessed by a specialist independent team, in touch with industry best practices helps to increase customer's satisfaction and increases positive referrals and reviews. 

Our independent, bespoke and cost-effective mystery shopping solutions are executed by our highly trained and experienced fitness and Spa professionals. Our programmes will provide you with relevant and unbiased insights to your services, customers journey and environment that you provide on a daily basis. Designing and implementing programs for mystery shopping, quality benchmarking, brand compliance, and market research exclusively for leisure owners.  



AreteX clients lead in their respective categories with a commitment to the customer and a never-ending desire to always be better. Your business challenges are unique. Each solution we offer is customised to meet your needs, providing actionable feedback to help you make critical business decisions.


The owners or Managers see it as a 'stop and think' time. It's important to have someone who is unbiased and professional to reflect back to you what they see. It reports whether the delivery of the expected standard is consistently maintained or further training is necessary.  

Business owners with our services help Managers with consistent delivery of service and facility standards and secondly, with mystery shopping services owners and managers show how they care about and are willing to invest to the quality of the customer service and customer experience. This can be done on the top of the existing procedures that are in place.